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Product overview

This product is based on Mobile High-Definition link(MHL) technology, with 3 additional USB 2.0 interfaces. Through the standard HDMI interface, the mobile phone display content will be presented perfectly in High-Definition television screen.3 USB2.0 interfaces can be connected with the mouse. the keyboard for real-time operation on mobile phone. USB 2 interface can also devices, to make the mobile phone instantly turn into a multimedia system center, to enjoy the advantage brought by technology


Performance parameters

Power Input

Power input through Micro USB interface which is the most popular connection for mobile phones. The typical value is 5.0V/1.2A. Maximum range of DC is 4.8V-5.3V/0.5A-1.5A(the device occupies 0.15A,mainly for mobile phone charging)In order to make the product and your mobile phone more safe and work stable, please use the formal AC adapter. This product also functions without any external power supply, but it consumes the mobile phone battery energy very soon.

HDMI output

HDMI uses standard HDMI A interface. CEA/EIA video format up to 1920*1080p60. Maximum output frequency 150 MHz

USB 2.0 3-Part

USB 2.0 3-part uses standard USB A interface. Design is compliant with Universal serial Bus Hub Specification, revision 2.0 Figure. The USB 3-Part can be used for a mouse, keyboard, game controller, card reader, joystick, scanner, printer or other USB 2.0 device